Evolving to carrying a lighter load leads to better travelling
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Our wheeled backpack meets Parisian metro stairs

I’ve been on the road for most of the last two decades. Here’s my take on packing:

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Avlo is one of the super-cheap high-speed trains that now competes to take you across Spain and the rest of Europe

A lot of things that are better for the planet also happen to make for wiser and more comfortable travel:

At a minimum, know how to toast and then deal with a hangover in the cultures you visit. Illustration by Johanna Thomé de Souza.

Travel is much more rewarding if it involves something more than staring at ruins you don’t understand or getting sloppy drunk on a beach.

Even small experiences, like learning to make Mexican mole, dance samba, or string together a few words to tell a joke in a marginalized language, can make a vacation into an enriching, memorable experience.

I’m a polyglot who got fluent in 7.5 languages as an adult—and I swear I’m not particularly gifted with memorization or accents. I’ve also read a lot about the science of learning second language learning.

What I’d like to share with you from my journey is this:

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