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The Brazilian couples dance on a worldwide surge in popularity; it’s simultaneously earthy, goofy, and sweet

Go to Brazil Just for the Dancing — How, What, & Where: Complete Planning Tips

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Dançar Gostoso! Europeans Tell of their Sexiest Forró Dances

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I’ve been going to Brazil frequently for more than a decade. When people ask why I keep going back, I invariably give my very top reason (of the many possible): to go dancing. There are calculated to be upwards of 300 styles of Brazilian music and they are just fantastic—not surprising since Portuguese is the …

Women recount their experiences with one of Brazil’s more sensual dances

Forró has both some inherent advantages and disadvantages, according to top world teachers

How can you take a dance style that is unknown in your area and create a thriving community with parties, workshops, and classes?

How does Portuguese handle forró body parts, forró quivering and wiggling, and a female perspective on the dance experience? A look at the lyrics of Nosso Xote.

A guide to forró and its place on the world stage, for newbies and experts alike