Stopped travelling? Learn another language while you wait.

Get ready for your post-virus-crisis travels by learning a language with the most efficient (and cheap!) online methods from your bunker. Illustration of me bullshitting in Russian by Johanna Thomé de Souza.

Howdy from our bunker. I’m not travelling nor even going dancing in this Covid-addled hellscape.

So for now the best this site has to offer is our guidance on learning a language. Get on Italki to practice that language or to take online classes in a new one. At least learn enough slang to fake your way through the language, especially while tipsy. You can go in depth on what the scientists have to say about language learning, or read a more approachable book on the subject. We’ve also got quick guides to screwing around in a number of fun languages in the “learn” menu of this site.

Stay minimalist, zen, and positive. It’s good for your immune system, mind, and spirit. We’ll go back to our world vagabondery soon.

— Mose

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What Scientists Know About Learning Languages that You Probably Don’t

Check out our ongoing list of hacks for learning language based on studies — what really works best based on cognitive science, psychology, linguistics, and education science.

Or just skip to our guide to quick language learning tools and techniques for the short and sweet version

Pack Lighter, Fly Less, Journey Deeper

Evolving to carrying a lighter load leads to better travelling

I’ve been on the road for most of the last 15 years. And like most travellers, I started out carrying too much stuff, and eventually learned to whittle it down.

And the lighter I travel, the more I want to make sure that the few things I do carry work really well.

I’m the guy who will spend days trying out plug adapters in order to find the lightest, most useful one to take on the road.

It’s madness, but there is at least a bit of method to it.

I want the adventures to be good ones;  I’m happy to be come across an impromptu street Brazilian dance party and less happy to waste a night in a Brazilian bus station at 5am because my credit card was rejected.

So this site is about the practical stuff for really good, simple travel — or permanent, slow nomadism. I’m happy to be joined here by a few more writers and researchers who think likewise. We hope the info will help you on your wanderings as well.

Mose & co.

Illustration by Johanna Thomé de Souza

We Know Worthwhile Luggage

For years we’ve obsessively reviewed the most lightweight yet durable luggage for frequent and long-term travel. We love backpacks, but think wheels are not an invention to be ignored, and thus generally prefer combination rolling backpacks.

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Better Train Booking for Europe

The booking process for the continent's official national train websites can be awful, particularly for non-Europeans.

We love riding the rails in Europe and have done so for a few decades between us. So we’ve put together a complete guide to riding European trains.

We’ve also gained insights from a train inspector about what it’s like to be on the other side of the adventure.

And finally, we’ve analyzed all of the options and uncovered the most convenient (and cheapest) way to buy European train tickets online.


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