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Travel is much more rewarding if it involves something more than getting sloppy drunk on a beach. Even small experiences, like learning to make Mexican mole, dance samba, or string together a few words to tell a joke in a marginalized language, can make a vacation into an enriching, memorable experience.

The Kindle as a Powerhouse for Language Learning: Hacks and Review

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The Best Gift Ideas for Language Learning: Spanish, French, Chinese, and Anything Else

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Go to Brazil Just for the Dancing — How, What, & Where: Complete Planning Tips

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Love = Murder? Balkan Romance (and Serbian Grammar!) as Understood in the Song “Ubiću Te”

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Minchia ch’è beddu! 20 Minutes to Feigning Fluent-ish Sicilian

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Neapolitan in 20 Minutes: Learn Just Enough for Any Conversation in Southern Italy

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On Learning Just Enough Bosnian Slang to Toast, Gripe, and Propose Marriage

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Look up foreign-language words without blocking your reading flow, then export and learn your vocabulary list to make them yours. Over the years I’ve been using a Kindle to learn languages, I’ve very gradually uncovered hacks and tools for efficient vocabulary building. But this article will throw them all at you, right here, in one …

Mexican Spanish is unique, and this is especially true when you’re making love — you’re likely to hear phrases that differ those heard in your love piles in other Spanish-speaking countries. As in many cultures, sex is considered a bit “naughty” in Mexico, but with consternation and intrigue comes linguistic creativity. There’s a rich range …

It seems like a BIG challenge, but we’ll help you slip right into fluent Spanish with enticing phrases and sexy situational learning. You’ll be pumping out correctly conjugated verbs and smokingly precise vocab, and the hot hot HOT Spanish you learn this way will be lodged in your animal brain forever. Our sizzling Spanish-learning app …

Over the years I’ve spent learning and refining my Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, I’ve tried out plenty of textbooks and learning guides. Most of them were terrible. But a few have risen to the top and are worth recommending. These books aren’t the very first step you should take into the language; your first few minutes of Serbian learning should …

If you want to joke, flirt, and gripe with the locals in Sicily, you could do so in Italian. But if you manage to do so in Sicilian you’re going to have way more fun. Sicilian is the language of the island of Sicily. Some refer to it as a “dialect” — but, prior to …

Is it random luck that so many of the world’s great songs are in Portuguese, or does the language itself have something to do with it?

Effortless, fluent, minimally communicative Serbian with the Tipsy Pilgrim Language Method

Your buddy is tipsy. Would you rather express this with a gesture referencing an 18th-century alcoholic carpenter’s tzar-given neck tattoo, or just mime tipping a bottle to your lips? Almost invariably, Russian gestures are more interesting and/or emphatic than their international counterparts. We suggest that the following be immediately adopted into everyone’s physical vocabularies, whether …

The Serbian, Bosnian, and Croatian language skills that you learn in lessons and grammar books are decidedly not the most useful. These often overlook the key body parts, as well as the things you should exclaim when they smash. Plus the lack ways to express affections, dirty and sweet, for your south-Slav love muffins. Hence …

Bosnian is uniquely rich among its Slavic brethren in shortened informal expressions. Here’s a quick guide; master these few words and you’ll sound like a local.