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One of the best ways to interact with folks in different cultures when travelling is by learning their dancing. It can be easier to communicate right off the bat with movement as compared to learning the language, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Dançar Gostoso! Europeans Tell of their Sexiest Forró Dances

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We’re all passionate about dance and aching to get back on the dance floor. It’s just not the same, dancing in front of a mirror, or a webcam, as twirling with a salsa partner. As governments around the world start to lessen (then increase, then equivocate about, etc.) their restrictions, some of us have the …

Forró has both some inherent advantages and disadvantages, according to top world teachers

A guide to forró and its place on the world stage, for newbies and experts alike

How does Portuguese handle forró body parts, forró quivering and wiggling, and a female perspective on the dance experience? A look at the lyrics of Nosso Xote.

How can you take a dance style that is unknown in your area and create a thriving community with parties, workshops, and classes?

Women recount their experiences with one of Brazil’s more sensual dances