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In some parts of the world, buses can be surprisingly comfortable options. This is particularly true in areas that lack much good train service; a range of cheap to high-end bus services step in to fill the gap, and get you anywhere in relatively good comfort.

Cheap Eurostar Alternatives: Low Cost Tricks for London-Paris & More

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Safety, Comfort, and Easy Ticket Booking on Brazilian Long-Distance Buses

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When it works, Eurostar can be lovely experience, but of late it’s been awful. With the French train strikes earlier this year and the heat wave shutting down trains this summer, even the Eurostar itself has advised against using their own service at several points. Here then is a quick guide to the alternatives for …

I’d like to put my years of Brazilian bus travel to use and answer a few of the most common questions we get from travellers. I’m also including perspectives here from other travellers with extensive experience in Brazil, including some female travellers who were kind enough to lend their take. 1. How safe are Brazilian …

You might not be used to long-distance bus travel. But in Brazil, buses are an important and useful way to travel the country. And for a land with plenty of inconveniences for travellers, the intercity buses are generally surprisingly comfortable and pleasant. We’ll show you how to avoid the few pitfalls to Brazilian bus adventures, …