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Minimalist Packing List: How to Travel the Globe for Decades with Only a Carry-On

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How to Choose Among the Top Osprey Backpacks for Trekking

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Backpacking & Hostels Make for Awful, Boring Travel — And Aren’t Always Cheapest Either

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I used the Osprey Aether 70L in the Semaphore Lakes area of British Columbia. It’s our top pick for longer treks, but would be overkill for shorter, weekend jaunts. Looking to choose the right backpack for overnight hikes or treks? I’m here to guide you with my 10+ years of backpacking experience in all kinds …

After years of wandering from country to country with just a carry-on, I’ve learned to minimize. That’s not surprising; travelling light becomes an art for any experienced traveller. Each time I go, the load gets a little lighter as I realize what I don’t actually need. So what I’m left with for this list is …

I’ve been constantly roaming Europe for a decade, and seen plenty of backpackers sweating under their loads as they struggle to find their hostels in some hidden outskirt. They’ll set the loads down for a day or two, rush to get photos of whatever sights as-seen-on-instagram, then heft their packs back on their backs and …