How is samba danced in Brazil’s business capital, São Paulo?

by  Mose Hayward
LAST UPDATED ON  2023-07-27
PUBLISHED ON  2012-03-01

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Mose Hayward

Travel Nerd

Pauistanos (folks from São Paulo city) are known for being all about stress, fine eating and money. Their street carnival takes a bit of a back seat. The Tipsy editorial board, however, loves to rock the backseat. We took a jaunt down to Sampa during its carnaval, and a few locals showed us their moves.

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1 thought on “How is samba danced in Brazil’s business capital, São Paulo?”

  1. Brazilians are so passionate when it comes to dancing, especially the samba! It's always great to be there and get a first hand experience on their dancing culture.

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