What Are the Tackiest French Pickup Lines?

by  Mose Hayward
LAST UPDATED ON  2019-11-12
PUBLISHED ON  2011-12-07
Tipsy Pilgrim, at left, wins over a nice Frenchman.
That’s me, at left, winning over a nice Frenchman on the dancefloor.

Using a pickup line in your native tongue is a dubious move. But in a foreign language the mispronounced equivalent of “Do you come here often?” can be funny, even endearing.

The following are very clichéd classics; say them earnestly, falteringly, and for once your bewildered foreigner status may work in your favor.

  • T’as des beaux yeux, tu sais. — You’ve got beautiful eyes, you know.
  • Whao, jolies jambes ! A quelle heure elles ouvrent ? — Wow, amazing legs! What time do they open?
  • Ça va, poupée ? — What’s up, doll?
  • Bonjour, vous habitez chez vos parents ? — Hello, do you live with your parents? (A very dated pickup line, used to discover right away if this was a “loose”girl.)

As I’ve noted elsewhere, no one should ever actually date the French.

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