Minimalist Packing (a.k.a. One-Bagging, Ultralight Travel…)

What’s the point of this? To put it as a dichotomy…

Pack Heavy

  • You go with the false sense of security that you have everything you made need for total comfort, just like at home.
  • You blow more of your travel budget on a taxi on arrival to deal with getting all your stuff to your lodging—and you have to stay in a hotel rather than in a quaint Barcelona walkup because you can’t do stairs with all that stuff.
  • You have fewer new experiences, because your stuff and carried comfort separates you from how locals do things.
  • Your back gets messed up from carrying weight; you can’t walk to new trails or hit new dance floors.
  • You have constant worries about keeping all that stuff secure.

Pack Lightly

What are the strategies for going lighter and what few things are really worth carrying? Well, see our minimalist packing list.

And, while we urge you to not buy new anything that you already have, it is wise to have the few things you carry work really well. We can help with our reviews of specific gear.

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