Wheeled Backpacks for Girls: Cute Designs that Will Roll Through the School Year

What are the cutest, funnest backpacks for girls with the convenience of wheels?

We’ve put together photos of the designs along with our thoughts on what are the most durable and useful options for middle and high school use (plus one smaller option for younger, elementary-age girls).

Our favorite option is listed first; L.L. Bean’s rolling backpack doesn’t have as many pretty color options but it’s the most likely to hold up through a long school year, and has an excellent guarantee

As we’ve reported on the best rolling backpacks for high school, we think the most durable option comes from L.L. Bean and so we’ve put that first on our list here too.

And while that L.L. Bean option is absolutely suitable (and we think the best) option for girls, there are cuter, girlier options out there that are also quite durable and useful for entering the school year with a bit more flair.

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Update History of This Article

This article was first published on August 9, 2019. It was completely updated on August 1, 2022.

Note that we have different recommendations if you’re looking for a convertible rolling carry-on backpack for travel, as well as for women’s rolling laptop bags/purses for business use.

Your comments on any of these rolling bags and how they work out for you are quite welcome in the comments below. We update all of our articles as new options appear and useful reader feedback comes in.

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