Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary Are So Hard!!!

by  Mose Hayward
LAST UPDATED ON  2023-08-02
PUBLISHED ON  2020-12-10

It seems like a BIG challenge, but we’ll help you slip right into fluent Spanish with enticing phrases and sexy situational learning.

You’ll be pumping out correctly conjugated verbs and smokingly precise vocab, and the hot hot HOT Spanish you learn this way will be lodged in your animal brain forever.

Our sizzling Spanish-learning app is in development by a sexy illustrator (often featured in the sexy French rag Le Monde), and a renowned sexy pedagogical designer (whose e-learning materials have taught tens of thousands in a dozen languages).

We’ve paired up to bang out the best fucking Spanish learning app that’s ever existed, voiced by some of the sexiest Mexican actors around.

It’s coming quite soon!

Why Learn Spanish the Sexy Way?

Learning Spanish via sexy situations like orgies, flirting, and romance is more productive than staid, silly apps like Duolingo and Memrise, or slogging through non-sexy grammar books.

  • You’ll get deeper and more long-lasting memorization because more neural pathways fire when you associate a new word with striking images, sounds, and situations.
  • You’re more likely to stick with a learning process that has sexy fun built in (most other learning apps have terrible retention stats)
  • You’re thinking about sex all the time anyway, so why not be productive while doing so?

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