Make Sweet Ljubav in Serbian: Slang for Love Piles, Sex, Consent, and Gossiping About it All

by  Mose Hayward
LAST UPDATED ON  2020-11-18
PUBLISHED ON  2020-06-01

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Mose Hayward

Polylinugual Lover

The Serbian, Bosnian, and Croatian language skills that you learn in lessons and grammar books are decidedly not the most useful.

These often overlook the key body parts, as well as the things you should exclaim when they smash. Plus the lack ways to express affections, dirty and sweet, for your south-Slav love muffins.

Hence this carefully, joyfully researched article. I’ve focused mainly on Serbian vocabulary, but it should mostly be relevant for Bosnian and Croatian, with some slight modifications in certain cases.

This Isn’t (Just) A Prurient Exercise; You Need to Learn Phrases for Sex and Romance to Speak Serbian

Can’t you get along without sexy Serbian vocab? Isn’t it more passionate to just bone wordlessly, staring deeply into each other’s eyes? And can’t most Serbians screw you just as well while speaking more boring languages like English? No, no, and no!

Rogering your Serbian lover is better when you do it in Serbian! A few quick reasons:

  • It’s way hotter to make love in Serbian. Obviously. Both for you and for your language/sex partner(s). You enjoy the exoticism of boning and declining nouns at the same time. They get to enjoy your accent and cute attempts to come up with the right case ending while hard/wet.
  • If you’re going to all the trouble of learning this evil, murderous language with its seven cases, even/yet confusion, and dozens of variants just for the number one, you should at the very least also get to fuck in the language a few times, as a reward.
  • The vocabulary presented here is useful in many other, non-sexual life situations in Serbia. (E.g., jebiga is hardly just for sex.) So in all honesty, this article is more of a hook for studying certain aspects of the language through the motivation of sex, rather than a guide for sex.
  • You’re more motivated to keep studying if you’re also fucking.

General Notes About Serbian Sex Vocabulary and “Vulgarity”

As with all languages, be careful to adjust the level of sexuality and “naughtiness” in your Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian love expressions for the context and sensibilities of those whom you address.

If you come from an English-speaking context, depending on your millieu you may find that Southern Slavs are a bit more offhandedly vulgar, but that they also have a lot of uptight squeamishness about sex. This applies especially “nonstandard” sexualities, which can even generate hostile and violent reactions in the Balkans.

There are also strong double standards concerning gender; women in certain more conservative circles are sometimes expected to feign disinterest with sexuality outside of proscribed norms, such as monogamous relationships. There is an expectation of female beauty and presentation that is not generally placed on men.

Further, folks in ex-Yugoslav lands often think that their own norms are “universal” and “normal” and can have hostile reactions to outside cultural norms around sex. Personally, I’ve found small-town Serbia and Bosnia are much more conservative than Belgrade and Sarajevo. Not surprising.

In this article I’ve focused on informal and sometimes vulgar vocabulary, as politeness goes out the window when Serbians, Croatians, and Bosnians are fucking, or talking about it.

Romantic Things to Say to a Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian Sweetheart

Is that darling dušo just too cute? Here are the words the words to tell them how you feel.

  • Volim te. — I love you.
  • Nedostaješ mi. — I miss you. (Note that the person missed is the subject, the person who feels sad about it is the indirect object — the opposite of English.)
  • Veruj mi, zaista mi je stalo do tebe. —- I really care for you. (Sounds poetic; literally: trust me, it stopped me next to you.)
  • Pališ me. — You turn me on.
  • Ti si neodoljivo iskušenje! — You are an irresistible temptation.
  • Obožavam tvoju pičku / tvoj kurac! — I adore your pussy / dick!

Exclamations of Pleasure and Amazement

And now, pleasure. If you’re going to learn nothing else on this page, learn how to express what you’re feeling in the throes of passion.

  • Fenomenalno! — Amazing! (Phenomenal!)
  • Uživam — I’m finding it delightful!
  • Do jaja! — Amazing! (Literally: To the testicles!)
  • Ekstra! — Great! (Literally: Extra!)
  • Predivno je! — It’s devine!
  • Prelepo je! — It’s gorgeous!
  • Oduševeljen sam orgijom! — I’m delighted with the orgy!

Consent: Asking Questions and Stating Preferences

As anywhere, when done properly, discussing consent in Serbo Croatian can be a fun, creative, and super passionate part of the pre-fucking adventure.

Try the following phrases not just to express yourself and ensure that everyone involved agrees, but also to get fired up for whatever lovely acts you and your Serbalicious bumpkins agree to.

  • Ne. — No.
  • Da. — Yes.
  • Stani. — Stop.
  • Poljubi me. — Kiss me.
  • Zagrli me. — Hug me.
  • Ubaci ga! / Ubaci mi ga! — (Throw it) Put it in me!
  • Uzmi me! — Take me!
  • Dušo, hoćeš u spun? — Darling, shall we spoon?
  • Hočeš da se kresneš sa mnom? — Do you want to fuck me?
  • Hoceš da se kresneš sa nama? — Do you want to fuck us?
  • Da li da se kresnemo na parketu kujne, u kadi ili na krevetu? — Shall we fuck on the kitchen floor, in the bath, or on the bed?
  • Hoćeš li da ti ga ubacim? — Do you want me to put it in you?
  • „Sigurna reč“ znači da treba da prestaneš sa seksom. — A “safe word” means that it’s necessary to stop with sex.
  • Ja koristim kolica i noge mi ne rade, ali imam osećaj svugde! — I use a wheelchair and my legs don’t work, but I have feeling everywhere!
  • Kurac klizi bolje sa mazivom. — The dick slides better with lube.
  • Hajde da vodimo ljubav na vidikovcu dok zalazi sunce. — Let’s make love at the lookout point while the sun sets. (A vidikovac is a lookout point.)
  • Mrzi me da vodimo ljubav sad. — I’m too lazy to have / don’t feel like having sex now.
  • Hoću najzad da te mirišem / osetim! — I want to finally smell / feel you!
  • Da li si za ples? — Would you like a dance?
  • Dušo, želim da me zapališ večeras! — Darling, I want you to turn me on tonight!
  • Duše, želim da me zapalite večeras! — Darlings, I want you (plural) to turn me on tonight!

While it’s no problem to put the word “you” in the plural and conjugate the verb appropriately, doing so with the word for romantic sweethearts is complicated. The word duše means “darlings” in the vocative, so it’s for when you’re addressing two or more people that you care about romantically. As such it is not common in the fiercely (on the surface, anyway) monogamous culture that is Serbia. Orgies are seen as primarily sexual and not romantic. One Serbian language adviser told me that duše “is grammatical, but it is not logical”. If you care to know more, I once wrote this article in Serbian about the fun misunderstandings of polyamory in Serbia.

The next section can also be quite useful for explaining your sex preferences.

Sex Acts and Positions in Serbian

  • imati sex — to have sex
  • drkanje — handjob (the most common word)
  • ljuštenje kurca / ljuštiti kurac — handjob / to give a handjob (Literally: “to peel” the dick. Da li ljuštiš kurac? — Do you give handjobs?)
  • pušenje kurca / pušiti kurac — blowjob / to give a blowjob (Literally: “to smoke” the dick.)
  • analni seks — anal sex
  • vaginalni seks — vaginal sex
  • izdrkavanje / izdrkavati se — jerking off, thinking you’re all that (gerund noun / reflexive verb)
  • orgija — orgy
  • kučeći, dogi stajl — doggy style
  • Voliš da se jebeš kučeći? — Do you like fucking doggy style?
  • seksualni položaji — sexual positions
  • žena gore / kaubojka / jahačka poza — cowgirl
  • trojka — threesome
  • kresna gomila — fuck pile (This neologism and the corresponding sex act have both been popularized by the TV series Russian Doll.)
  • jebati / pojebati — to fuck (as with the English word, used generally for everything else in the language too; the first is imperfective and the second is perfective as in the following sentences)
  • Jebem ga svaki dan. — I fuck him every day.
  • Hoću da pojebem večeras. — I want to fuck tonight.

Romantic Relationship Statuses in Serbian / Bosnian / Croatian

Every culture and language has its own romantic categories and the outlines are not exactly the same from person to person and culture to culture.

So the types of relationships in these languages will not directly correspond to common understandings of English categories. For example:

  • ljubavnica / ljubavnik — lover (woman / man)

“My lover” in English would be seen most usually as sweet and romantic reference to anyone to whom one makes love, whereas moja ljubavnica is most likely to be interpreted as the participant in an ongoing infidelity.

The inexactness of translated terms is always a problem for language learners, but since relationship statuses are so highly cultural, we need to be particularly aware of that here. Nevertheless, I give the best approximations.

  • drugarica / drug — friend (female / male)
  • momak / dečko — boyfriend
  • devojka — girlfriend
  • simpatija — a male or female person being crushed on, often an innocent sort of affection
  • moja draga / moj dragi — my dear woman / my dear man
  • voljena / voljeni — loved one (poetic; for woman / man)
  • šema — hookup buddy (lit. scheme, plan)
  • kres kombinacija — fuck buddy
  • match na tinderu — Tinder match (Note that dating apps are generally more frowned on and less used in former Yugoslavia than in many parts of the world.)
  • verenica / verenik — engaged (female / male)
  • razvedena / razveden — divorced (female / male)
  • pederska sestra — fag hag (a female friend of gay people)1

Here are a few of these words in sentences:

  • Ne želim ništa da sjebem večeras sa simpatijom. — I don’t want to fuck up tonight with the girl/guy I like.
  • Ona stalno ima pogrešnog momka! — She always has the wrong boyfriend.
  • Ona je pretpostavila da njena ljubavnica nije bila srećna. She assumed that her (female) lover wasn’t happy.

The Sexier Parts of the Serbian Body

Here are the body parts that they skipped over in your Serbian class.

  • kurac, kita — dick (Kurac is also an all-purpose vulgarity in Serbian.)
  • klitoris — clitoris
  • sise, sike, dude — breasts
  • dupe — ass
  • Baš joj je lepo dupe! — Wow is her ass pretty!
  • guza — butt (shorter word)
  • guzica — butt
  • pička — cunt, pussy
  • pizda — pussy, cunt (can sound a bit more insulting depending on the context, but see below)
  • Baš je prelepa tvoja pička! — Wow your pussy is beautiful!

Dirty Talk About Touching

The verb for “to touch” is complicated, there are both two imperfective and two perfective forms, all of which get used. The first two are the imperfective forms, then the perfective forms; the next line has the first-person singular conjugations of each form.

  • dirati — dodirivati — dirnuti — dodirnuti
  • diram — dodirujem — dirnem — dodirnem

Here’s how you can use the crazy Serbian touching verbs in sexy sentences.

  • Ja te diram / dodirujem po butinama. — I am touching your thighs.
  • Dodirni / dirni klitoris nežno. — Touch (my) clitoris gently.
  • Da li dodirujem / diram kurac? — Shall I touch the dick?
  • Hoću najzad da te diram! — I want to finally touch you!
  • Hoću najzad da te osetim! — I want to feel you!

Serbian Sex Gossip

Much more popular than having sex is talking about it. The following phrases illustrate some essential vocabulary to get you started for chats in kafanas (taverns), cafés, the pijaca (market), etc.

  • Dosad je samo vodio ljubav na krevetu. — Until now, he had only made love in bed.
  • Privlačnost je neizbežna sila. — Attraction is an inevitable force.
  • Prestala je da jebe posle svog orgazma. — She stopped fucking after her orgasm.
  • Super smo se kresnuli. — We fucked amazingly.
  • Prestaćemo da se jebemo kad umremo. — We will stop fucking when we die.
  • Uzimaš li viagru pre seksa? — Do you take viagra before sex?
  • Kakva je bila jučerašnja avantura? — How was yesterday’s adventure?
  • Današnja trojka će biti uzbudljiva! — Today’s threesome will be a turn on/erotic!
  • Odrastali smo sa dezinformacijama o seksu. — We grew up with disinformation about sex.
  • Da li varaš momka? — Are you cheating on your boyfriend?
  • Ona je prevarila muža i on je prevario ženu. — She cheated on her husband and he cheated on his wife.
  • Ona je moja muza. — She is my muse. (There is some debate among my sources about whether muza can refer to a man.)
  • Sanjao sam da imam seks sa njom. — I was dreaming I’m having sex with her.
  • Ovo nije romantika. Ovo je patologija. — This is not romantic. This is pathology.
  • Vibrator je najpopularnija igračka za seks. — The vibrator is the most popular sex toy.
  • Izdržale su dugo, ali on je svršio brzo. — They (women) lasted a long time but he came quickly.
  • Seks je bio odličan, čak i ako nisam stigao do vrhunca. — The sex was amazing even if I didn’t arrive at orgasm.
  • Moja svest je čedna. — My mind is chaste.

The Awful Complexities of Dressing and Undressing in Serbian

In Serbian there are verbs for taking on and off clothes, and for taking on and off shoes. They are different for each. And of course you must learn both the imperfective and perfective forms.

For shoes:

  • izuvati / izuti — to take off shoes
  • obuvati / obuti — to put on shoes
  • obuća — footwear
  • papuče — slippers

For clothes:

  • skidati / skinuti — to take off clothes
  • oblačiti / obući — to put on clothes
  • odeća — clothes

A super-sexy example sentence:

  • On je skinuo sve, ali nije izuo patike! — He took off everything but he didn’t take off his tennis shoes!

Serbian Sex Words Used in Unsexy Ways

As you’d expect, Serbian sex words can unfortunately be misused to talk about unsexy things.

They are used as displays vulgarity and carefree immaturity, and are extremely common.

  • Jebiga! — Fuck!
  • Jebem ti sunce! — Go fuck yourself! (Literally and senselessly: I fuck your sun!)
  • Pun mi je kurac zatupljenih ljudi. — I am fed up with close-minded people. (Literally, my dick is full of closed-minded people.)
  • Sastanak je u kurcu. — The date is going badly. (Literally, the date is in the dick.)

Etc., ad nauseam. Books could be written on this topic, but not by me.

What Have I Missed?

Did I get everything? Of course not! Please feel free to add useful expressions for sex and romance in the comments below.

We’d also love to hear about particularly Croatian and Bosnian phrases, which are not well-represented in this article. (I’ve spent more time in Belgrade love piles.)

Please do not add random vulgarities or jokes, my dear readers. I know, I know, these languages are full of them.

But this is not the place to be naughty or swear for no reason; we only want to improve our bedroom Serbian, Bosnian, and Croatian!

As usual, this website does not tolerate discussions of what is and is not a language, as they are boring. Go gab about “dialects” like Sicilian or Neapolitan, if you like that sort of frivolity!

  1. Note that pederski or the adjective form of “fag” is sometimes embraced in Serbian gay circles, but it is also offensive and moreover inaccurate since it refers to pederasty. The confusion of child molestation and adult gay male love in Serbian culture is a problem to begin with, and amplified by this term. Its use is thus discouraged. ↩︎

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